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Question: Why do people from different countries look different to each other?

Answer: Actually, people from different countries look pretty much the same. The differences that do exist - like skin colour and eye shape - are due to where our ancestors lived, and how they spread out from Africa and across the world.

But people do look different. And it seems like the further away they live from each other, the more different they look, right? Well - sometimes, I guess. It's true that Chinese and Korean people look more similar to each other than, say, Chinese and African people do. But it's not where people live that makes them different.

Question: Why do we walk on two legs (instead of four)?

Answer: To be honest - we don't know for sure. Our ancestors may have started the habit to help gather food, to defend themselves or even to wade across rivers!

We really don't know?

Well, there are lots of theories about why we walk on two legs, but none has been accepted as the one right answer to the question.

I heard we did it so we could use tools and carry things ...

Anatosuchus minor, a crocodylomorph from the Early Cretaceous of Niger, after Sereno (2003), pencil drawing


There you go, you see. There's a problem right there. What's that?

Well, using tools is certainly easier if you stand on two legs. And walking on two legs - rather than four - does free up your hands so it's easier to carry stuff...


Question: Why do you feel hot when you have a cold?

Answer: Because your body turns up the heat on purpose to help fight off the nasties. After all, it's a virus - not cold weather - that causes the cold in the first place.

Don't you catch a cold because you 'catch a chill'?

Not really. If you think about it, plenty of people complain of 'summer colds', and you can get cold all the time in the winter without necessarily coming down with a cold.

But you do get them more often in winter, so how do you explain that? 'Catching a cold' results from a combination of dropping your body temperature and inhaling or swallowing droplets of water containing certain types of virus. The main ones that cause colds are called adenoviruses and rhinoviruses. In winter, the cold weather can cause your core body temperature to drop if you don't wrap up in warm clothes. This makes you less able to fight off infection, but you still have to get the viruses from somewhere in the first place.

So where do they come from?

Well, the other thing that happens in cold weather is that people cluster together indoors more often than they do in summer. This gives more chances for the viruses to spread as you breathe in virus-laden water droplets that are sneezed, coughed or simply breathed out by other people. Once these droplets are breathed in, the nasties settle in the lining of your nose, throat or lungs and start to multiply.

Your immune system can usually fight them off after a day

or two, and all you get is a bit tired and snotty. But some nastier viruses (especially the ones that make it to your lungs) can last for weeks and make you very ill.

Question: Why do other people yawn after you do?

Answer: Tricky one, this. Lots of animals yawn, but only humans and chimps find it catching. It's not to get more oxygen, as we used to believe. The best guess yet is that it's a signal - telling you and others in your group to stop and take a rest.

What? But yawning is, like, automatic, isn't it? You don't do it to tell people you're tired.

English: CCF's Cheetah Ambassador, Chewbaaka, yawning. Author: P. Tricorache. http://www.geocities.com/crocsetal/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it is an automatic action, or reflex, but not in the same way as blinking or pulling your hand away from a scalding-hot object. These are both reflexes that evolved to protect you - one from getting things in your eye, the other from getting burned. Yawning happens much slower after it's triggered, and you have more control over whether you do it or not. Plus you don't blink and jump away from a hot object just because you see someone else do it.

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